About Our Farm


Seven years of wonderful experiences making children laugh and play while being entertained by our friendly and inquisitive Alpacas. Adults are amazed at these cute and curious animals. When I made the decision friends and family thought I was losing my mind. As the years go by they started to admire what I decided but still think I have lost my mind. Now they admire me for my choice which has made me very happy that I made the decision. 

Corporate experiences and owning my own business in New Jersey have been my foundation for our alpaca business. I learned how everyone can enjoy their lives by doing what they enjoy and I love animals. The animals all know their names and each has a unique personality. Danny Boy sticks his head thru a 4x6 square in our fence each day and spends an hour trying to get his head out from the fence. 

Now they join me out in the grass for some fun and a good grass meal. Then when back in the pasture they might take a dirt bath. They roll over and over and then let the next alpaca take its turn. 

There crias (babies) are amazing. They look like fawns when born but quickly transform into an alpaca. They follow mother around and may nurse until well over two years. At times, you hear them hum a song or squeal at a high pitch when a predator is in the area.  

The clothing and other products we provide are top quality and exceed many expectations, especially after wearing a product for a short period. Alpaca is hypoallergenic, warmer than wool, wicks moisture and feels as soft and comfortable as cashmere. The fiber being an air fiber keeps you comfortable in various weather conditions.

We are looking forward to a few new baby crias in the next few months. Early June our Alpacas will be shorn and look like they are from outer space. 

The girls keep their pasture clean compared to the males.. Go Figure. 

Make an appointment to visit and have an alpaca experience in the near future.

Call 902-322-7149 for an appointment. 

Have a look at our products and if you are looking for something not online let us know and we can see if our vendors can help supply you with what you are looking for. Alpaca is a great gift for yourself or a close friend. 




Hope to see you soon.. Any questions please call or email us.