Hiker Alpaca Socks
Hiker Alpaca Socks
Hiker Alpaca Socks

Hiker Alpaca Socks

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Hiker Socks; socks that keep pace with you. Wear them once and you will know why our customers love them so much. These socks are reinforced with nylon and spandex for extreme durability. This is a utility sock and useful for everyday wear and inside boots for those cold days. 

  • 50% Alpaca/35% Acrylic/8% Spandex/7% Nylon
  • Made in Peru
  • NOT JUST FOR HIKING - these are the most comfortable pair of socks you will ever own, period. Read just a few of the reasons below:
  • THE SOFTEST FIBERS! Alpaca wool is one of the softest fibers known to man, often compared to cashmere but it is far more durable! That means this sock is the perfect gift for anyone from a hiker/hunter to those who just love to curl up on the couch with a book with their softest pair of socks!
  • AMAZING MOISTURE WICKING! Alpaca fiber wicks moisture better than any other material. In the 1900's Alpaca fiber was even used to make umbrellas because it repelled moisture so well!
  • WARMTH & BREATHABILITY! Genuine Peruvian alpaca fiber makes the warmest & most breathable pair of socks you will ever own! Alpaca fiber is one of the warmest fibers on earth, yet it is also incredibly breathable. This means your feet stay warm when it's cold out and cool when it's hot! Perfect for hiking in both winter and summer conditions.

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Small  6-7 5-6
Medium  8-9 7-10
Large  10-13 11-12
X-Large  14-15
Hiker Alpaca Socks